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Reliable Quality Assurance from the Warsaw-Hangzhou Quality Control Teams

With over 20 years of experience in inspecting various product categories, from food products to kitchen and pet accessories, power tools, and smart home items, we guarantee top-notch safety and quality.

Our robust quality assurance process, tailored to the specifics of each product category, ensures that every item meets the most stringent requirements and standards. With our dedicated teams and continuous process improvement in line with ISO 9001 norms, we provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that the products we offer are safe and effective.

Quality is our priority. Hence, every product batch undergoes double supervision by inspectors before leaving the factory. Additionally, most of our products are backed by a 3-year guarantee, reflecting our confidence in their durability and quality.

Not only do we monitor the latest directives, standards, and industry regulations, but we also support our clients in meeting their requirements. Our products are not only safe to use but also feature clear warnings and instructions to ensure user safety and satisfaction.

Extensive communication and collaboration with international 3rd party testing institutions and laboratories​

Full verification of products against international standards and application CE mark and others

Cost-effective inspections of samples, production samples, and final to-be-delivered products

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