Company History


Vershold Group Build Brands Together

  • 1993 - BeginingVershold started as a Polish company named Athletic Company Polska. It started sourcing footwear products in China.

    Vershold Founded

  • 2008-2020 - DevelopmentIn 2008, the company established its headquarters in Hong Kong. Between 2012 and 2020, the company embraced new clients outside Poland and entered the Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, US, Germany, France, and Spain markets.  During this time, Vershold became a strategic partner of Biedronka, stepped into the food business, started to develop e-commerce and private labels, and launched a textile product line.

    Expansion in different markets

  • 2022 - New BranchVershold launched an e-commerce platform with Biedronka and started providing e-commerce digital services.

    New branch of business


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